8 Best Hoverboards For the Ultimate Fun

If you don’t have the right hoverboard that matches your skill level and age requirements, it can be a pain to ride. But worry not, we’re here to solve all your problems! 

We have compiled a list of some of the best hoverboards with many outstanding features (while also considering your budget) to choose from. 

Hoverboards have been all the rage since they first came out. They are trendy, cool, fun to ride and play with. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult.

So buckle up and read about the 10 best hoverboards on Amazon!



What We Like!

  • Battery protection from overcharge and discharge
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers that have IPX 4 water resistance
  • Integrated with a smartphone app for added controls
  • Customizable LED headlights and tail lights with battery life indicator


  • Has a top speed of 9 mph with a mileage of 9 miles on a single battery charge
  • 36-volt lithium-ion battery that takes only 2.5 hours to charge fully
  • Can carry riders up to 264 pounds
  • Comes with 6.5-inch wheels for added ground clearance and balance
  • The lightweight structure is easy to control and maneuver.
  • Comes with a warranty that lasts a year


  • Poor ride quality on a  rough terrain
  • Has a comparatively higher price range
  • Some reviewers complained about the subpar battery level

First up is the Hover-1 Hoverboard. This hoverboard comes in a trendy iridescent color and is loaded with exciting features.

A powerful DC motor that is lightweight (22.3 pounds) and compact provides this H-1 hoverboard the torque and power to reach an astonishing top speed of up to nine miles an hour if you drive over smooth surfaces such as sidewalks or the street around your neighborhood.

Additionally, it has a travel distance of nine miles and can carry anyone weighing up to 264 pounds. Which means it can be easily used by adults as well.

Moreover, the power is supplied from a built-in 36 volts lithium-ion battery pack that has a 4.5 amperage and takes around two and half hours to charge fully.

A good thing about this battery is that it has discharge and overcharge protection, which lowers the damage over time. It also comes with an LED for battery life indication.

Not only that, but to improve the overall build quality of the board, it also comes with an IPX rating of 4. That means it has sufficient waterproofing to protect the battery and the motor when you’re out playing in the rain or riding over mud puddles.

A great option on this model is that it comes with customizable LED headlights. This, combined with a cool color, gives it a futuristic look. It also comes with a night vision option.

In addition to that, it has built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can blast your favorite songs during your ride.

All these great features are controlled with a smartphone app which also allows you to adjust the volume level and change your skill mode.

All this comes with a one-year limited warranty, so you can easily replace a damaged part.


What We Like!

  • World’s smallest electric hoverboards
  • Anti-slip rubber platforms with UL 2272 certification
  • Has Razor’s EverBalance technology with self-leveling properties
  • Rubber bumpers for rider safety
  • Good attention to details


  • With a runtime of 60 minutes, it can reach 8 mph of speeds.
  • 36 volts lithium-ion battery packs
  • Shatterproof polymer frame with fender bumper protection
  • Works via 350-watt dual hub motors with  noise-canceling properties
  • Dual riding modes for beginners and experts 
  • LED lights display and battery life indicator


  • Doesn’t come with any Bluetooth speakers for your tunes
  • Doesn’t have any water-resistant properties
  • Some consumers had issues with the low construction quality

Next, we have the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Advanced Technology Hoverboard. This electric hoverboard comes in cool blue tones and an aluminum body that gives it a stylish feel.

It is powered by 360 watt dual motors that cancel noise. The motor delivers enough torque to reach a top speed of 8 miles an hour on your hoverboard.

Moreover, the gadget can run for 60 minutes straight and carry a  body weight of up to 220 pounds. The machine can be used by adults as well as kids of ages 8 and above.

In addition to that, the power to the motor is supplied by an authentic 36V LG battery that can be easily charged.

It also comes with an LED lights display bar that shows all the controls, and it also has an LED battery life indicator light.

Additionally, the steering on this is controlled by the footpads on the platform, which offers seamless maneuvering. Not only that, the board comes with 2 speed modes: one for the beginners who need training and another for normal use.

To keep you balanced on the skateboard, Razor has developed a signature technology called EverBalance that can level the board automatically. It can also be driven over tough terrains without any risk factors.

 It has UL 2272 certification, which means it meets the industry’s highest safety ratings for electrical gadgets.

Lastly, all these awesome features are contained in a body resistant to shatter and are made from polymer. It also has fender bumpers for safety concerns so that you can hop on without worry.


What We Like!

  • It has UL2272 certification, that protects against fire and electrical hazards
  • Knee bar for a smooth riding experience
  • Connects with a smartphone app for anti-theft functionality.
  • Can function properly on bumpy roads and rough terrains


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on different parts
  • IPX 54 ratings for optimum water protection and weatherproofing
  • Can deliver a range of 13.7 miles at a top speed of 10 miles per hour
  • It is fitted with smart battery cells that can work well on inclined surfaces as well.
  • It can easily allow riders weighing up to 220 pounds
  • Offers a new rider tutorial for the beginners


  • Despite the big wheels, it doesn’t offer many off-road options
  • Takes a long time to recharge the batteries
  • According to customers, it spins easily.

Moving on, we have a different type of hoverboard, the Segway Ninebot S Most Comfortable Hoverboard. It combines powerful features into a sturdy and sleek design with an all-black matte finish.

It comes with dual motors of 400 watts enclosed in a compact design that can provide a top speed of up to 10 miles per hour, even on inclined roads.

Moreover, it has quite a long range and can run smoothly for up to 13.7 miles in a single charge, the highest on our list. The board can carry 220 pounds of weight that make it suitable for adults as well.

In addition to that, it is fitted with a 310W lithium-ion battery which can make it run for an hour and 20 minutes continuously and takes around 2-4 hours to charge.

For added protection, the Segway Hoverboard comes with UL2272 certification that protects against fire and electrical hazards. Not only that, but it also has a high IPX rating of 54, which makes it waterproof features.

Furthermore, it comes with a smartphone app with specifications, such as an anti-theft function, a self-diagnostic function, automatic software updates, and controls for the headlights that double as a remote control with a power button for the hoverboard.

It is also fitted with a knee control bar made from sturdy materials, which makes it easier to steer and turn.

To conclude, these amazing features come with a one-year limited warranty for different parts.


What We Like!

  • Has a self-diagnostic system
  • Comes with headlights to keep the path illuminated
  • Meets the safety standards of UL2272 for protection against crashed, drops, and heating
  • Has the ability to easily glide over pebbles and cracks


  • Uses twin 250-watt motors that can tackle slopes with ease
  • Has a top speed of 7 mph with a range of 4.8 miles in a single charge
  • Self-balancing scooter stability
  • Comes with a patented built-in battery system with LED indicators
  • Can withstand the weight of up to 200 pounds
  • Lightweight body made from ABS polymer for easy transportation


  • Many customers complained of maneuverability. 
  • Has a lower  battery life compared to other models
  • It  isn’t fast enough

Number 4 is the Twist T881 by Swagboard. This is a good hoverboard for beginners with moderate features.

It delivers double torque from its dual  250 watts power motors. As a result, the hover board works well on slopes and hills with climbing angles up to 30 degrees without compromising speed, which goes up to 7 mph at max.

Additionally, the gadget can deliver a range of 4.8 miles on a single charge with a weight capacity of 200 pounds.

That’s why the power is supplied by a built-in battery system that is a lithium-free patented SentryShield Quantum multilayer. This ensures proper power distribution with added security.

The battery management system can also run a self-diagnosis, and the LED indicators can keep track of the battery life.

Additionally, it comes with vibrant flashing lights mounted on the front that illuminates your path.

The Twist T881 is made from strong and powerful ABS polymer that meets the UL2272 safety standards and provides protection against crashes, overheating, and drops.

In addition to that, the gadget is fitted with a  start-up self-balancing technology which makes it easier to mount and unmount without hurting yourself.

Along with the good ground clearance due to the 6.5-inch rubber wheels on this device, this system allows a  smooth glide over cracks and small pebbles without shifting the balance.

All this fun is packed in a small, lightweight, and durable device loaded with good features and available at a reasonable price.


What We Like!

  • The battery life can last up to 2 hours at max charging
  • Has connectivity for Bluetooth speakers fprplaying music
  • Can tackle bumps easily
  • Offers fast battery charging feature


  • With a range of 11 miles, it can achieve a speed of up to8 mph.
  • It is powered by a 250 Watt motor and has gear stabilization for higher traction.
  • Fitted with battery indicator lights on the center of the hoverboard and at the back and the front
  • Comes with three modes for learners, experienced and advanced riders.
  • Has self-balancing features that have been through rigorous testing
  • UL2272 certification for a high build quality product
  • Comes with a smartphone app for android/iOS


  • Takes 2-3 hours to charge the battery
  • The build quality  is poor

Moving on, we have the SwagTron T1/T3, which is another interesting gadget by an industry favorite manufacturer.

The hoverboard is powered by dual hub 250 watts motors mounted near the wheel hub and packed with power and torque to deliver speeds up to 8 mph.

Moreover, the SwagTron T1/T3 is powered by the company’s patented SentryShield lithium batteries that give it a range of 11 miles in a single charge. The batteries take about 2-3 hours to charge fully.

The scooter comes with high traction and gear stabilization that makes for a smooth ride even on bumps and pebbles.

Furthermore, it has indicator lights in the center, front, and back of the board, so you don’t get into any accidents.

A great thing about this board is that it comes with three modes. One for the beginners, one for the experienced users, and the third one for enthusiasts.

In addition, this scooter comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can play music while hovering!

To provide safety to users, it has a self-balancing function which makes it easier to mount and unmount off the hoverboard. And this feature is installed after passing rigorous testing.

Not only that, but it also meets the UL2272 standards for protection against electrical failure, crashes, fire hazards, and drops.

Lastly, all these amazing features can be controlled by an app that works on Android and iOS devices. The app can also control the LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity, and battery life management system.


What We Like!

  • The battery has protection against overheating and short-circuit.
  • The charging port has water protection for safety
  • A self-balancing hoverboard for kids 
  • You set an automatic on/off time through your phone


  • It has dual UL2272 as well as Fire retardant shell safety certifications
  • Has a powerful 350 W motor that can work well on inclinations as well.
  • With a speed of 12 mph, it can cover a distance of 12 miles
  • Comes with large 8-inch wheels for maximum ground clearance and a smoother ride.
  • Comes with customizable colors, brightness, modes, and board sensitivity.
  • All the features can be controlled via a smartphone app.
  • Has a load capacity of 165 pounds


  • It can be damaged under cold weather conditions
  • It’s on the pricier end
  • Has a low capacity for weight 
  • Not suitable for adults

The Tomoloo Hoverboard is a good choice if you’re looking for lots of great features at a decent price tag.

For example, the gadget is powered by a single 350 watts motor that gives it enough torque to help maintain its balance at up to 20-degree inclinations.

It can easily reach a maximum speed of 12 mph and maintain it for a range of 12 miles with every charge.

That’s why it comes with a 36 volts battery with an amperage of 4.3.

Furthermore, to keep the ride smooth and avoid any accidents, it is fitted with big 8 inch wheels that give it enough ground clearance so that it can ride over bumps, rocks, cracks, uneven pavement, and steep roads without injuring the rider.

Another cool feature of this Tomoloo scooter is that you can customize the colors on the LEDs, the brightness of the lights, and the sensitivity of the hoverboard.

Not only that, but you can also set an automatic on and off time to better maintain the battery use.

Additionally, the board is fitted with Bluetooth with a range of up to 33 feet so you can easily connect your speaker and play your favorite songs.

All these features are controlled via an app that you can download on your phone.

Lastly, this great hoverboard complies with not one but two safety standards; the UL2272 safety certification for the electrical equipment and the Fire retardance Shell certification protect from fire hazards.


What We Like!

  • A good sports hoverboard with racing capabilities.
  • The tires are made from 6.5-inch hard rubber that gives good ground clearance.
  • This hoverboard is UL certified for electric and safety standards.
  • Comes with an app to manage all the controls


  • Powered by two 200 watt motors that can carry 220 pounds 
  • Can reach a speed of 7.5 mph with ease
  • With three training modes, it can cover 8 miles per charge.
  • Can tackle an inclined terrain up to 30 degrees
  •  Sensor pedals for good navigation
  • Maps for easy commuting
  • LED lights for battery life indication


  • The speed is comparatively slower
  • Doesn’t have sufficient off-road capabilities
  • The range is a bit low compared to other SwagTron boards

The T580 hoverboard by SwagTron is a lightweight device with high safety standards and a variety of components. 

This minimalistic hoverboard is powered by a 2 200 watts engine that gives it a good amount of torque and maneuverability.  It can tackle inclinations up to 30 degrees while carrying up to 220 pounds.

Moreover, this power is supplied by a modest 29.4 volts battery that gives it a maximum range of 8 miles per hour.

Not only that, but the hoverboard also features three different riding modes to match the abilities of the rider. A learning mode, a mid-level mode, and a mode for experienced riders can tackle high speeds without losing their balance.

Furthermore, it has wheels made from hard plastic that are six and a half inches wide with good ground clearance and shock absorption to help you easily glide over all types of small crevices, cracks, pebbles, sand, and slope with ease.

Additionally, this swagtron t580 has self-balancing properties, which makes it easier for you to get on and off the hoverboard.

The ride and maneuverability are simple. The electric scooter is controlled by the non-slip foot sensor pads that activate the sensors in the motors. This allows you to control where you go by just shifting your weight. It also has good brakes.

In addition to that, you can check the battery life and the systems by just glancing at the LED lighting mounted on the center.

Along with managing these functions, you can also check the map, change modes, and play your favorite music by connecting the device to the app.

Moreover, this scooter meets the UL electric safety features and has passed a lot of rigorous tests for build and durability.

To conclude, these great features are enclosed in a splashproof, zero-emission double casing design that has an IPX rating of 4 to protect from mild water infestation. SWAGTRON T580 is the safest hoverboard with high-tech features.


What We Like!

  • Off-roading capabilities Can handle 30 degrees inclinations on gravel
  • Self-balancing hoverboard for children
  • Comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers


  • Can handle up to 420 pounds.
  • Works on all surfaces such as mud, grass, and uneven gravel.
  • Can reach a speed of 12 mph with a range of 12 miles
  • Comes with 10-inch rubber tires for rugged use
  • Supplied with powerful 300 watts dual motors
  • Meets the UL2272 safety standards
  • Can connect to a mobile app for more control options
  • Fitted with SentryShield Battery


  • Takes 2 to 3 hours to charge up the battery fully
  • Some customers had reliability issue

We bring this list to a close with another SwagTorn hoverboard. This time it’s the all-powerful off-roader T6 Outlaw, fitted with loads of innovative specs.

This scooter is built for rugged paths and is fitted with a dual-motor that supplies 300 watts. The motor can work for 12 miles and can carry 420 pounds of weight. This makes it especially good for people who don’t fit the weight limit of other scooters.

Additionally, the power is supplied by the SwagTron’s patented SentryShield lithium-ion battery, which has a charge time of 2 to 3 hours and can provide a speed of 12 mph when fully charged.

Furthermore, the Swagtron T6 hoverboard is fitted with two 10-inch rugged rubber tires from tubeless hard plastic that has the capability your balance even at 30 degrees of inclination and tough terrains.

Not only that, but it also has a self-balancing feature that makes it easier to mount the hoverboard.

In addition, this electric scooter is marketed as an off-road vehicle and shows a good grip on muddy, rocky, grassy, and hilly areas.

The hoverboard also features Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect your speakers, play music, and have a fun riding experience.

Moreover, you can also use the app to access more features such as the traveled distance, riding mode, and battery life by downloading the app on your phone.

The Swagtron t6 meets the UL safety rating and standards and comes with metal guards that protect your feet from any damage. It also has dirt resistance and splash resistance properties.

In our opinion, if you’re looking for serious off-roading capabilities with a decent price tag, the T6 Outlaw is the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which are the best Hoverboards to buy?


There are many credible hoverboard brands out there that manufacture high-quality hoverboards.

But if you want the best quality hoverboard and good value for your money, then the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Advanced Technology Hoverboard is a solid gadget with good features, battery life and comes at a reasonable price.


What is the best hoverboard for the price?


When purchasing hoverboards, it is natural to think about price.

There are many companies out there that load their gadgets with multiple features without adding durability. This means that the devices break easily and don’t always work.

The SwagTron T3 scooter is one of the best hoverboards and a great investment if you want to up the ante on the features available on your hoverboard.

The swagtron t3 has multiple high-tech features, meets safety standards, and has a decent price point.


What is the best Hover-1 hoverboard?


Hover-1 has some decent hoverboards under their belt. But the H-1 is a good choice for someone who is just learning to ride a hoverboard and is looking for good balance, build quality, and durability, all rolled in a cheaper price point.

Hoverboard Buying Guide

Features to Look For

When selecting the best hoverboard for yourself or your child, there are a couple of important features you need to keep in mind.


Depending on your experience, weight, age, and preference, hoverboard motors are an important feature to consider when selecting a scooter.

For instance, if you’re looking to get your kid a hoverboard as a means for recreation for their birthday or Christmas, do not worry about big motors. A modest motor with 200-250 watts of power is more than enough.

On the other hand, if you want one for yourself or some off-roading, a high-powered motor of about 300-400 watts single or dual motors will provide the best experience.

Safety Ratings

With any electrical device or gadget, checking the safety features and rating is a must to avoid accidents or mishaps, such as electrical failure.

Most hoverboards on our list meet the UL2272 certification standards for electrical safety.

This means that they have gone through rigorous testing to ensure that the rider is never in danger if an electrical component fails.

Aside from that, the boards can also come with other ratings, such as IPX ratings for waterproofing or fire ratings to prevent an electrical fire hazard.


These days every product is getting smart, and hoverboards are no different.

This means that most hoverboard manufacturers nowadays provide smart controls, which are managed by a mobile phone app.

These can be battery indicators, locking systems, music players, and speed indicators.

These controls are good and can make your experience even more thrilling. However, not everyone needs them. Truth be told, adding these app-controlled features also increases the price.

If you’re looking for a hoverboard that is simple and fun to use for your kid within your budget, then you don’t need fancy controls. You can opt for a simple hoverboard.

On the other hand, if you want multiple controls for serious riding, you may select boards that offer apps and high-tech features.

Weight Limit

This is the single most important factor when picking a hoverboard, as it can make or break your entire experience.

Hoverboards are lightweight and delicate devices. If you put too much weight on them, chances are that they will malfunction.

One, it will considerably slow down the top speed, so you won’t be able to enjoy your ride.

Second, this will have a significant effect on your battery that will decrease the lifetime of the scooter. And lastly, it can cause mechanical damage that can’t be repaired.

That’s why you should always make sure that the hoverboard carters to your weight.


While it’s fun to run at maximum speeds, doing so on a hoverboard without experience can cause serious injuries.

To decide which speed is the best for you, you should always consider your skill level.

If you’re a beginner, a hoverboard with a speed range of 7-8 mph is enough for you.

On the contrary, if you’re an advanced rider with plenty of experience, you can choose higher speeds such as 10 mph-12 mph.

Off-road Ability

This again depends on your skill level. A beginner should not invest in a hoverboard designed for off-road action.  Neither would you enjoy the experience nor handle all the tough off-road conditions. You could even injure yourself seriously.

But if you’re a trained user with plenty of experience controlling a board with ease, you could tackle an all-terrain hoverboard that moves over all sorts of obstacles without any inconveniences.

Just remember that the off-road feature comes at a greater price.


If you live somewhere hilly or love hitting the skate park with your friends, you need to invest in a hoverboard that can handle 15 degrees of minimum climbing angle, depending on your requirements.


Hoverboards are mostly fitted with sensitive electronics that can be easily damaged if they are not protected. But kids love playing in the rain or in mud puddles.

This can significantly decrease the life of the hoverboard. And if it doesn’t have waterproofing, it can also cause a short circuit in the electronics, and the board may catch fire.

So always look at the specifications before purchasing a hoverboard to make sure that it has sufficient IPX protection.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers aren’t a make or break feature of the hoverboards. Are they popular? Yes! But not as important as speed and weight specifications.

These days every high-end hoverboard is fitted with a Bluetooth app connection so you can connect your speakers and play music for fun. But these features increase the overall cost of the hoverboards.

Charging Time

We all wish that we could get our gadgets recharged in the blink of an eye. But how quickly a hoverboard charge depends on how many of its features depend on the batteries.

The more electronic features it has, the more power the battery will require, and a big battery will take a longer time to charge.

So if you want to purchase ones with all the latest high-tech features like; Bluetooth speakers, customizable LED lights, battery indicator lights, and mobile app connections, you have to wait for it to charge.

The hoverboards with these features can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to fully charge.


If you want to play on the block with your friends, a hoverboard with a modest range of four to five miles is more than enough.

But if you like planning long trips with your friends, then you’ll need something with a range that can cover distances from 10 miles to 12 miles per hour on a full charge.

Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your time recharging your batteries to keep up with everyone.


Hoverboards are fun to ride and roam around in, but if you get one that doesn’t match your skill levels, it is a waste of money.

This review will put in perspective what features you should consider for your hoverboard. We hope you liked our top picks of the best hoverboards.